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Glad Heart Insurance is an independent insurance agency serving Missouri and Kansas. We do not work for an insurance company, we work for you! We work on your side when you have a loss to see that you get a fair, prompt payment and service. We represent a carefully selected group of over 20 financially sound, reputable insurance companies. This allows us to offer you the best coverage at the most competitive price.

8 Reasons to Use an Independent Insurance Agent

First off, what is an Independent Insurance Agent?
There are two kinds of insurance agents, Captive Agents and Non-Captive, or Independent Insurance Agents. There is a big difference!

Captive Agents are committed to one insurance carrier, like AllState or State Farm, and are restricted to selling that one company’s product line. They cannot shop around for other opportunities that may better suit consumer needs. To a captive agent, the parent company comes first.On the other hand, Independent Insurance Agents are open to offering their customers multiple product lines, which may include The Hartford, Safeco, or Travelers. This broader selection offers more resources to find coverage that best suits your personal situation. To an independent agent, the customer comes first.

Do you trust your finances with someone who is more concerned about their company than with you? Of course not! You will sleep better knowing an Independent Insurance Agent is on your side.

An Independent Agent:

  • 1

    Provides personalized claims service.

    No need to navigate a phone chain – Your independent agent can contact your insurance carrier directly to help smooth out the claims process.

  • 2

    Becomes your consultant/advisor

    for the present and future – helping you to protect your valuable assets.

  • 3

    Treats you as a person

    not a number.

  • 4

    Is committed to customer satisfaction

    their livelihood depends on it.

  • 5

    Offers one-stop shopping

    With one call or visit, you have access to multiple lines of coverage for all your needs. Independent agents vary, but most offer a full range of auto, home, rental, business, life, and flood products.

  • 6

    Is a value hunter

    They look for the best combination of price, coverage, and service.

  • 7


    How better to help determine your needs?

  • 8

    Has strong community ties.

    Look around you – PTA, Rotary, and Chamber of Commerce. Chances are your local insurance agent is right beside you building a stronger community.


Glad Heart Insurance is an independent insurance agency serving Missouri and Kansas. Representing over 20 insurance companies, we offer the best coverage at the most competitive price.

Address & Phone

3435 E. Red Bridge Road
Kansas City, Missouri 64137

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(816) 809-9380
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